A number of people and organisations have provided and continue to provide support for the VK5REX D-Star repeater.





VK5ALE Lower Eyre Peninsula ARC

VK5GH Graham

VK5TZX Peter


KB2WF Alan

VK5RF Tony



The VK5REX repeater and gateway has ongoing support from several generous amateur operators in the local area. Alan VK5PBZ has pledged to help cover the licence costs each year.  

While VK5REX has the support of the Lower Eyre Peninsula ARC, it is my "baby" and I bear the main operating costs of the repeater, club funds do not support the ongoing running costs.  I am happy for things to continue in this way for as long as I can.  I run IRLP Node 6510, the local APRS digipeaters and APRS I-Gate and AllStarLink Node 27972 for ALL amateur operators both local and visiting. I also maintain the WIA licenced VK5RAC 2m and 70cm FM repeaters at Pillaworta Hill.

Although I am not begging for money... any assistance with the running costs of VK5REX, particularly the cost of maintaining a dedicated ADSL connection, would be gratefully accepted and warmly appreciated.

If you feel you would like to help out with the running costs of the VK5REX D-Star repeater and gateway, please contact me... alternatively you can click on the PayPal button below.