VK5REX C is back in operation... sort of.

The VK5REX C repeater has been reinstalled at the repeater site. 

However, it currently does not have a receive antenna. I used to split the 70cm folded dipole receive antenna to both the 70cm and 2m D-Star repeaters. This was less than ideal and was made even worse due to using a plain old tee adapter used to "share" the antenna.

I plan to install a separate VHF folded dipole receive antenna for the 2m D-Star repeater with a diplexer mounted at the top of the tower to combine both VHF and UHF down the same coax. At the bottom end would be another diplexer working in reverse.

For now I have been experimenting with using a DVAR Hot Spot setup as a remote receiver for the VK5REX C, linking directly to the internal IP address of the G2 gateway machine.  This works great, but only for local and Dplus connections.

This is a video showing the now complete VK5REX C homebrew D-Star repeater.



VK5REX C will be out of service for a week from June 11th 2011

The homebrew VK5REX C repeater will be removed from the rack for some much needed tidying up. I am still using the DV Node Adapter with the prototype veroboard based ID-RP2C Interface. How it appears in my demo YouTube videos is how it's been running for over a year now.  

I have a built up version of the ID-RP2C interface ready to be installed in the GMSK DV Node Adapter enclosure. 

I am also going to fit two chassis mount N sockets at the rear of the repeater rather than use the existing flexible leads straight from the BNC sockets on the radios. This will allow a VHF isolator to be easily fitted as well. 

While the 2m repeater is out of action, I am going to install a DVAR Hot Spot modem, radio and WinXP PC in it's place. This will be operational on 145.1125 MHz.





Michael's ircDDB demo video




The VK5REX web page is alive!

Some would say, it's about time!! After listening to advertisements for SquareSpace on the TWiT network for years, I thought I should put something together.

The VK5REX D-Star repeater has been on the air since 22nd July 2008... so this web page is only three years overdue :-)

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