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The DV4mini

I know the DV4mini is old news now... but I thought I should post about some of the exciting D-Star (and other digital amateur radio tech) developments of the last 10 months or so.

Number one on the list would have to be the DV4mini dongle... a small, low-powered 70cm digital "hot spot" dongle.  What makes the DV4mini different is that it supports multiple digital modes!

In addition to D-Star, the DV4mini can "talk" DMR (with support for both DMR+ and BrandMeister), Yaesu System Fusion, P25 and dPMR.

This amazing device originates from Germany and is a co-creation of DG1HT, DG8FAC and DJ0ABR.


When the DV4mini was first announced the demand outstripped supply.  It was originally available in very limited numbers from Helitron :-

Unlike today, sales were restricted to Germany (and a few other EU countries).

I was able to get an amateur friend in Germany to purchase one on my behalf and forward it on to Australia.

I've been using my DV4mini with two Windows programs.  The original DV4mini Control Panel;

and also with the DV4MF2 Control Panel.

Using the DV4mini with the Raspberry Pi has also been very popular.  Adding a small touch screen to the R-Pi makes for a very compact digital radio HotSpot!

So far the only other digital mode (apart from D-Star) that I have used with the DV4mini has been P25.

Amateur operation on DMR is VERY popular... I do plan on purchasing at least one DMR radio very soon.  There has been some amazing developments with DMR and amateur radio in the last year... I think it's time for me to jump on board!



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