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North West Digital Radio Thumb DV

A few months ago the guys at North West Digital Radio announced the development of the DV3000U or Thumb DV product.

The Thumb DV packs the same DV3000 AMBE vocoder chip found in the DV3000 Raspberry Pi/UDRx440 plug in board in a convenient USB "thumb drive" form factor.

I put my hand up for a Thumb DV and I received one from the first production run.


At the time of writing this blog post, the Thumb DV has software support via AMBEserver for Linux and AMBEserverWin for Windows based machines.  The G4KLX Dummy Repeater software can use the AMBEserver via UDP IP.

I believe direct connected USB support for the Thumb DV in the both the G4KLX Dummy Repeater and the Dutch*Star WinDV software isn't too far away.

At US$119.95 + shipping, the NWDR Thumb DV represents excellent value for money.  This product places the DVSI AMBE3000 chip in an easily deployable and convenient form factor. 

I hope the availability of the Thumb DV will prompt both hardware and software developers to create new and exciting products for amateur radio.  There is a LOT of D-Star hardware support for GMSK modems, but not a lot for other digital formats.

You can find the Thumb DV specification sheet here.



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