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DV-MEGA Raspberry Pi Radio... and other stuff!

I have been somewhat amiss these last few months.  I've neglected to blog about the work of Guus van Dooren PE1PLM in The Netherlands.


Guus has been very busy working on various kinds of D-Star compatible hardware and supporting firmware for quite some time.

Here is a quick tour of what Guus has been up to!


DV-MEGA Dual Band Radio

The Dual-band Arduino shield has two Analog Devices AD7021 GMSK RF transceivers on board and plugs into an Arduino.  The Arduino then is loaded with firmware and is plugged into a computer via USB.  The G4KLX D-Star Repeater software directly supports this combination.



DV-MEGA GMSK DV Node Adapter

The GMSK Node Arduino shield once again plugs into an Arduino and the allows you to use an external N-FM transceiver to put together a higher powered D-Star Hot Spot... or with two radios a full repeater. As before the G4KLX software supports this hardware combination. 

Below is a 3D rendering of the GMSK Node shield.


DV-MEGA AMBE3000 Shield

The upcoming AMBE Shield is another Arduino accessory.  It has an onboard AMBE3000 vocoder chip and will be able to be used to directly encode/decode D-Star (and other?) digital audio.  Unlike the NW Digital Radio AMBE3000 board, the DV-MEGA board has connections for microphone/PTT and audio out.


DV-MEGA Raspberry Pi Radio

This is one DV-MEGA product I have had direct, personal experience with.  I ordered one and received it mid June 2014!  The Raspberry Pi Radio uses an Analog Devices AD7021 transceiver chip and plugs directly onto the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector.  As with other DV-MEGA products, the Raspberry Pi Radio is fully supported in the G4KLX D-Star Repeater software.

After some inital teething issues with getting the G4KLX software configuration right, the DV-MEGA Raspberry Pi Radio has performed perfectly.  I still have to modify the Raspberry Pi case I use in my Portable D-Star HotSpot to allow for the R-Pi Radio SMA connector and ATMEL micro.

I bought it to turn my Portable D-Star HotSpot into a dual band system!  I now have a "C" module (2m DVAP) and a "B" module (Raspberry Pi Radio).

I've uploaded some photos of my Raspberry Pi Radio here!


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