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My DV3000 AMBE board has arrived!

Well, that was quick!

I was able to get an order in for one of the first batch of NW Digital Radio DV3000 boards... and it arrived on June 3rd!  First shown to amateurs at the 2014 Dayton Hamvention, an initial run of one hundred DV3000 boards were made.

I had already installed the latest G4KLX Dummy Repeater software on my office PC (with support for the DV3000 as well as the DV Dongle) so all I needed to do was setup a Raspberry Pi with the DV3000.

I followed this excellent document written by Jonathan Naylor G4KLX and John Hays K7VE.

Creating an AMBEserver

The first section of the document details how to prepare the Raspberry Pi for the DV3000. This consists of (a) increasing the clock to the Raspberry Pi UART, (b) disabling the getty (to allow terminal login) running on the Raspberry Pi serial port, and then (c) disable the console on the serial port.

You are then able to power down the Raspberry Pi and fit the DV3000 to the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector.

Then is the process of updating the Raspberry Pi operating system, installing required software libraries including downloading and building wiringPi.

Next you copy over the latest G4KLX AMBE Tools source code from the ircDDB Gateway Yahoo Group and then build the dv3000d AMBE Server daemon.

The resulting dv3000d executable can then be moved to a convenient location and started with sudo ./dv3000d.

sudo ./dv3000d -d will return control back to the console and leave dv3000d running in the background.

Once the AMBE Server is up and running, you can "point" the G4KLX Dummy Repeater or AMBE Tools software at the DV3000 equipped Raspberry Pi.  It's a great alternative to the DV Dongle.

My only (little) issue with the DV3000 board is that it sits a little high.  This is due to the piggy back connector arrangement that allows other expansion boards to be plugged into the Raspberry Pi/DV3000 combo.  My DV3000 equipped Raspberry Pi won't fit into any of my cases!  I am contemplating unsoldering the piggy back connector and fitting a lower profile one so I can fit it into my cases.  I don't really need the ability to plug another board into the top of the DV3000. 


If you have an early release Raspberry Pi board without the two mounting holes you will need to be careful with the 1/2" threaded spacer to ensure it doesn't short out to the Raspberry Pi PCB.  It may pay to remove it if you have one of these earlier Raspberry Pi boards.

In short... I am VERY impressed with the DV3000 board. It works well, the build quality is excellent and the inital software support ensures you can have fun with it immediately.

I've uploaded some photos of my DV3000 in the photo gallery.




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Reader Comments (2)

Interesting product but I'm not too sure how it would be used in a practical application. Looks like it only contains the codec chip so would need something else to provide a RF interface.

If you pair it with a RPi can it work just like a DV Dongle? And if you add the DV-Mega shield, does it then become a "DVAP"?

June 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMartin

Hi, Congrats on DV3000 analog radio Dstar setup. I am trying to do the same, but having problems with Dummy Repeater not always seeing the AMBE server on the RPi, ari.e. usually takes 5-10 starts of Dummy Repeater before I stop receiving 'Dongle not found' error. So the AMBE DV3000 sort of works, but not consistently. Did you have the same problem?

Also, I am trying to replicate your setup (Rpi/DV3000 + DMK Uri + Dummy Repeater + ircDD Gateway), but am struggling to get it to work. I have managed to get the ircDD gateway to say it is linked to XRF012 B, but if fails to connect to XRF030 C. Also, I don't ever see the red light on the DMK URI illuminate so not sure I am receiving anything back from the the reflector ( when the uri transmits on my Allstar node, the red light illuminates when transmitting, but does not seem to it with Dummy Repeater)

Anyway, if you could point me in the right direction to get this DStar hotspot/repeater (not sure what to call it?) working it would be very much appreciated.\\

Thanks and regards,

October 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRick Frerker (WB5RF)

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