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DV3000 AMBE board from NW Digitial Radio

NW Digital Radio has announced a plug-in AMBE3000 board for the upcoming UDRX-440 transceiver and Raspberry Pi computer!  Both of these amazing devices share a compatible GPIO connector.


• DVSI AMBE3000 Chip
• 26 Pin Stackable Header compatible with UDRX and Raspberry Pi
• UART Packet Interface 230.4 kbaud
• Expansion Port w 4 GPIO
• Serial Test Software included

Open Source Applications:

• ircddbgateway/repeater
• dvtool file converter
• Bi-directional analog to AMBE
• UDRX Support for D-STAR DV

AMBE Vocoder For:

• DMR (DMR operation may require licencing from Motorola)
• dPMR
• Yaesu Fusion

The DV3000 adds D-STAR DV capability to UDRX or Raspberry Pi and is sold as a tested PCA with applications software offered by others.
The DV3000 provides a Packet UART interface at 230.4 kbaud. Audio Data is sent as 16 bits pcm at 8kHz sampling rate. The AMBE Vocoder returns a 3600 bps compressed stream with FEC (Forward Error Correction) which is muxed with 1200 bps of ancillary digital data by the D-Star protocol to produce a 4800 bps D-STAR DV stream.

By using the UART for both Audio and compressed data, the Pi’s SPI, I2C and PCM pins are available for other functions. GPIO Pins 22-25 are routed to pads for uses such as PTT or COR (external signal conditioning may be necessary).


I already have an UDRX-440 transceiver on pre-order and am seriously thinking about purchasing the DV3000 AMBE board as well.  Being compatible with the Raspberry Pi make this board a great tool for the home-brew D-Star experimenter.  The potential to decode other digital voice formats is a huge plus!



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Reader Comments (1)

With my operation of the above configuration, I recognized the only issue to be settled is a hardware PTT.
As I have almost no knowledge about a programming, for the time being I'm gonna use my smart-phone over VNC
so that I can click it! :-)

Any comments and/or suggestions are highly appreciated!

Thanks, 73 de JA1SCW

July 9, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJA1SCW

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