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Homebrew D-Star History!

I was going through some old papers the other day, sorting out what I needed to keep and what should be thrown into the trash.

I found the envelope that Satoshi Yasuda used to send my original DV Node Adapter PCBs.  I first came across Satoshi's website in early November 2008 after finding a link on a web page maintained by Adrian VK4TUX.  There was virtually NO software to use with the DV Node Adapters back then, but I wanted to build a stand-alone D-Star repeater and the Satoshi boards could do this with the addition of a 2nd PIC.

I ordered two boards for USD$22 including postage.

The boards were sent on 3rd November 2008!

I received v01.01 boards from Satoshi.  This version had USB-A sockets instead of the more common USB-B.  I had a track down USB-A to USB-A cables to connect them to a host computer.

While I had ready access to 99% of the components I needed to build the DV Node Adapter boards, the CMX589 modem chips came from Fred van Kempen PA4YBR in The Netherlands.  He too was working on GMSK modems for use with D-Star and was able to get a good price for the modem chips in bulk.  I received two CMX589 chips from Fred in early February 2009.

Both of my original Satoshi DV Node Adapter board are still fully operational, there is one in each of my home brew D-Star repeaters!


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