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ON8JL BabyStar HotSpot

It's been over two months since my last blog post.  D-Star has not been standing still so it's time for an update!

Jean-Luc ON8JL from Belgium has released a new and very compact 70cm D-Star Access Point called the BabyStar!

Two things are needed to get it operational.  Power and an Ethernet based internet connection. The BabyStar has an integral 10mW 70cm GMSK transceiver, a 2x16 line LCD display and custom firmware running on an ST Microelectronics STR912FW44 ARM based microcontroller.  Network connectivity is provided by a ST STE100P Ethernet controller.

A BabyStar would fit nicely into my Portable D-Star HotSpot. Although the G4KLX open-source software running on the Raspberry Pi can control more than one DVAP Dongle, the prospect of a completely separate D-Star system in the same box using the Mikrotik Router for connectivity is very attractive!


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