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D-Star HotSpot built by Martin OK1ZOO

I received an email from Martin OK1ZOO in the Czech Republic with a photo of his Raspberry Pi powered D-Star HotSpot attached.  Martin was kind enough to allow me to post photos from his website here on the VK5REX website.

Martin's website can be found here http://www.kmitocty.cz and Google Chrome does a fantastic job translating to English!

This photo shows all the components that make up Martin's D-Star HotSpot.


Inside the unassuming black box is a Raspberry Pi, USB hub, DVAP Dongle, WiFi and Bluetooth Dongles AND a LCD monitor to keep an eye on what the G4KLX ircDDB Gateway software is doing. A mini Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad can be used for direct control of the Raspberry PI or access is possible via VNC from either a smartphone or PC.  The DVAP Dongle antenna is one one end and the Raspberry Pi's SD Card protrudes from the other end.

Power for the HotSpot is via the Micro USB connector on the Raspberry Pi and the 5V test points on the Raspberry Pi supply 5V to other devices (LCD Screen and USB hub).

You can find more photos of Martin's D-Star HotSpot in the gallery section.




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