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Using DVAR HotSpot with Dextra/XRF reflectors

I thought I would try and see if I could connect the DVAR Hot Spot software to a Dextra reflector. DVAR Hot Spot was the first software that worked with the GMSK DV Node Adapter boards to create either a simplex D-Star "Hot Spot" or if you had two radios you could create a full D-Star repeater.  DVAR Hot Spot was designed to connect via Dplus to D-Star gateways and reflectors.  

Due to the way a lot of the Dextra reflectors work, you need to open UDP port 30001 and forward it to the computer system running the gateway software in order to connect with the Dextra repeater protocol.  A simple workaround is to force the connection to use the DV Dongle/DVAP/HotSpot Dplus protocol which will then find it's way back through a NAT router without having to open any ports.

A unique ability of the DVAR Hot Spot software is that it allows easy manual entry of gateway/reflector details "on-the-fly". I entered the appropriate IP address details for XRF012, the Papa System Dextra reflector and entered port 20001. For the repeater callsign I entered XRF012 and then selected Band Module A. 

After saving this connection information I then was able to connect DVAR Hot Spot to XRF012 A. I tested it by connecting the VK5REX B repeater to XRF012 A as well.  I transmitted on VK5REX B and saw my callsign appear in the DVAR Hot Spot window and saw the connected GMSK DV Node Adapter transmit LED illuminate.  It worked!

The ability to manually enter connection details in DVAR Hot Spot is very handy.  I can connect the software directly to the VK5REX gateway machine from home (it lives on the same network) without having to go via the internet.  This image shows DVAR Hot Spot connected to VK5REX with an IP address of from within my home network.  It works a treat!



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