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G4KLX software running on an Odroid-X board

I've finally had some success with getting the G4KLX ircDDB Gateway and Repeater software running on my Odroid-X board.


The Odroid-X is a ARM based development platform from Hardkernel in South Korea.  The Odroid-X has been replaced with the Odroid-X2, but it's basically the same board with a faster processor and more memory.

I'm using the Linaro Linux distribution on the Odroid-X and I ended up being quite ruthless with stopping unnecessary services that weren't required for the G4KLX software to operate.

Some services that are no longer running include Bluetooth, Modem Manager and the GUI/HDMI system. I have to be careful that I don't kill the network, this is the only way I can communication with the board. There is a debug port that allows serial terminal access, but I don't have the level converting interface board at the moment.

In the YouTube video I mention that the Repeater software needs some "encouragement" to start up. I think the Modem Manager was the main culprit that stopped the Repeater/dvapnoded software from starting.  I noticed the blue LED in the DVAP Dongle blinking several times during boot, something was trying to "talk" to the DVAP Dongle on TTY0.  Disabling Modem Manager seemed to fix this.

I've now set up the Odroid-X to use a MoenComm GMSK modem & Motorola MCS2000 UHF radio and it seems to be working very well!

P.S.  I now see on the Hardkernel forums that an Odroid-X user has compiled a cut down "server" version of the Linaro distro.  I've download the image file and might try it out and see how it performs "out of the box" with the G4KLX software.


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