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DV-RPTR V3.0 looks very nice!

It seems like only yesterday I blogged about the DV-RPTR V2 board with it's striking white solder mask and attractive yet functional enclosure.  


This week I'm reading about DV-RPTR V3.0, the latest creation from the DV-RPTR team in Germany. The user manual has been released and kindly translated into English by N1DL!

The larger colour LCD screen is the first thing you notice. Although the V2 monochrome OLED screen had a reasonable resolution, it was small.  The new screen is a welcome addition and colour is sure to enhance functionality.

The AMBE board, Ethernet board and (when it is released) iTRX board are all modular and plug into the main V3 board.  I'm not sure if you can purchase add-on boards at a later time, but knowing how fast the DV-RPTR project has evolved over the last few years you should probably get any add-ons you could possibly want sooner rather than later!

The rotary control is backlit and the illumination changes depending on the operational mode providing the user additional feedback. 

When (hopefully not if) the iTRX board makes an appearance... the DV-RPTR V3.0 (and AMBE board) will essentially be the first non-Icom D-Star compatible radio, a device that can be used standalone without the need for an attached computer or external radio!  You can use the DV-RPTR V1 and V2 without a computer, but you do need to plug them into a radio.  I've not seen specifications on the iTRX board, it certainly won't be a 50 Watt radio, but even 1 Watt would be quite useable... 5 Watts would be better. I presume all the familar DV-RPTR operational modes will be available including HotSpot.

The DV-RPTR V3.0 looks very very nice... can't wait to see it in operation!


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Reader Comments (2)

How i buy this DVRPRT V3. Thank.

August 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterTK1LG Jacques Paoli

I am curious on how/where to buy these also....

December 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJoshua Miller

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