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GMSK modems for Raspberry Pi and Arduino

I received a very interesting email from Jim KI6ZUM this evening.  

Some exciting new prototype GMSK modem boards were shown at the PapaSys luncheon in San Diego.

One modem board is designed to plug into a Raspberry Pi's GPIO socket and the other is an Arduino shield. Both boards will provide yet another option for D-Star enthusiasts using the open source G4KLX ircDDB Gateway and Repeater software.  

Both the hardware design and software that will power these boards are open source.  The schematics are available from Jim KI6ZUM's web page, PCB design files will be available when the final layout is done and the code will be publicly available on a git server.



Until now the G4KLX Repeater software supported the traditional "DV Node Adapter" GMSK boards from Satoshi/Dutch*Star/MoenComm, the DV-RPTR Board, DVAP Dongle, the G4KLX software modem and even Icom repeater equipment... now there are two more options!!

The Arduino + GMSK modem shield will be able to emulate both a DVAP Dongle and a DV-RPTR board and will connect via USB to a Raspberry Pi (or other computer) running the G4KLX ircDDB Gateway software. It may be possible that this combination can be used with other software that uses the DVAP Dongle and DV-RPTR board.

The Raspberry Pi GMSK Modem board needs only a suitable N-FM radio .. add TWO radios and you get a D-Star repeater...add an internet connection for a fully functioning D-Star gateway, either simplex or full duplex!  This boards CMX589 GMSK modem connects directly to the GPIO socket.  In other USB connected GMSK DV Node Adapter boards (eg. from Satoshi, Dutch*Star, MoenComm), there is an onboard PIC with firmware that controls the modem chip and performs USB I/O functions.

Further information on these boards can be found on Jim's web page.


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Reader Comments (2)

i need one of this GMSK modem for Raspberry Pi.
Where i can buy it ??


September 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLuca IZ0ZTL

Which one of these would be best suited for making a D-Star gateway ?

October 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKB1ZIB

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