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D-Star in Iceland!

Another country has become D-Star active with a brand new repeater!  I've always wanted to go to Iceland.  The 4WD adventures across the snow and ice look like fun.  I also once thought about a career move to Iceland. Being a fishing nation (like Australia), my experience with installing and servicing marine electronic equipment may have opened up opportunities for employment in Iceland.  I am too settled in Australia to be thinking like that any more, but I would still love to visit!

I've been in email contact with Ari TF3ARI for around a month, helping him with some questions about the Icom D-Star hardware.  Originally they were sent a USA version ID-RP4000V repeater which operates in the 440-450 MHz band.  Iceland, like Australia, uses the 430-440 MHz segment of the 70cm band.  The USA version ID-RP4000V cannot be modified to cover the different band segment.  Luckily Ari was able to source the correct version and with the help of Olafur TF3ML they have been testing the new D-Star repeater and gateway for a few weeks.

I was able to make contact with both Ari and Olafur via D-Star when their gateway was linked to REF001 C last week. 

After the testing period is over, the TF3RPI B repeater will be moved to it's permanent home high on a mountain top overlooking Reykjavik.  Ari told me this needs to be done within a few weeks as the cold weather is fast approaching and the repeater site looks like this during winter!

Make sure you keep an ear out for TF prefix callsigns on D-Star! 

Thanks to Ari TF3ARI and Olafur TF3ML for the use of the photos.



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This was a fun little project. Ari was having some issues with the Icom G2 setup, so after he posted to the dstar-admin Yahoo group, I offered to help. With Ari being the hands-on guy,,, I was able to build the G2 package and get it configured from my home in eastern Massachusetts. Ari and I had some great cellphone conversations before the repeater got on the air... and that initial contact over the D-Star network was super.

I periodically check the system and update it with the new releases of the addon products and watch the log files.

It is high on the mountain and we do minimal changes... a manual reboot is a challenge as you might imagine.

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