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DV-RPTR board.... version 2!

Some photos of the new DV-RPTR board have been posted in the DV-RPTR Yahoo Group.

It is bigger than the original DV-RPTR board, but also contains an on board AMBE vocoder and some other hardware enhancements.  

Some interesting looking RCA connectors, an RJ45 modular microphone socket, a 3.5mm socket, LED indicators and what looks like a rotary encoder are on the "user" end of the board.

There seems to be an Ethernet socket on the "back" end of the board along with (possibly two) 6 pin mini DIN socket/s for the radio connections, power in and mini USB socket.  It would be very nice if this board could connect directly to a network for "gateway" communications.

The firmware being developed for the new board will be backwards compatible with the old version, albeit with limited functionality due to hardware limitations.  This is good news for owners of the original DV-RPTR board, they will not have an orphan device on their hands.

Hopefully the DV-RPTR board guys will come up with a nice enclosure to match the board... although it would be a shame to hide this beautiful looking board away from view.

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