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VK5REX C will be out of service for a week from June 11th 2011

The homebrew VK5REX C repeater will be removed from the rack for some much needed tidying up. I am still using the DV Node Adapter with the prototype veroboard based ID-RP2C Interface. How it appears in my demo YouTube videos is how it's been running for over a year now.  

I have a built up version of the ID-RP2C interface ready to be installed in the GMSK DV Node Adapter enclosure. 

I am also going to fit two chassis mount N sockets at the rear of the repeater rather than use the existing flexible leads straight from the BNC sockets on the radios. This will allow a VHF isolator to be easily fitted as well. 

While the 2m repeater is out of action, I am going to install a DVAR Hot Spot modem, radio and WinXP PC in it's place. This will be operational on 145.1125 MHz.




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