VK5REX C is back in operation... sort of.
Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 11:16AM

The VK5REX C repeater has been reinstalled at the repeater site. 

However, it currently does not have a receive antenna. I used to split the 70cm folded dipole receive antenna to both the 70cm and 2m D-Star repeaters. This was less than ideal and was made even worse due to using a plain old tee adapter used to "share" the antenna.

I plan to install a separate VHF folded dipole receive antenna for the 2m D-Star repeater with a diplexer mounted at the top of the tower to combine both VHF and UHF down the same coax. At the bottom end would be another diplexer working in reverse.

For now I have been experimenting with using a DVAR Hot Spot setup as a remote receiver for the VK5REX C, linking directly to the internal IP address of the G2 gateway machine.  This works great, but only for local and Dplus connections.

This is a video showing the now complete VK5REX C homebrew D-Star repeater.


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